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Join the 21-Day Content Habit Challenge, powered by Capsho NextGen & Ecamm, and develop a consistent content creation routine.
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Have you ever struggled to keep up with consistent content creation? 
The 21-Day Content Habit Challenge is designed to help you develop the habits you need to create engaging content effortlessly. This challenge brings together top tools and strategies from Ecamm and Capsho NextGen to support your journey towards becoming a content creation pro.
How it works:
Daily Content Creation Prompts:
  • Each day, you’ll receive inspiring prompts to guide your content creation. These prompts are designed to build consistency and help you develop lasting content habits.
Live Coaching Sessions:
  • Every Monday, join our live sessions with Jennie Wright and Doc Rock. These weekly check-ins will provide you with insights, feedback, and motivation from industry experts to keep you on track.
Influencer Support and Workshops:
  • We have over a dozen amazing influencers participating in the challenge. They’ll not only be taking the challenge with you but also sharing valuable training sessions and workshops to help you enhance your content creation skills.
Exclusive Networking Party:
  • During the challenge, we’re hosting an exclusive networking party. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with fellow participants and influencers, fostering a supportive community that cares and isn’t afraid to have a good time.
Community Support:
  • Gain access to our private Facebook group for networking and support. Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, celebrate wins, and grow together as a community.
Tools and Resources:
  • Utilize the free 30-day trials of Ecamm Live and Capsho NextGen to maximize your content creation. We’ll provide walkthroughs to ensure everyone starts off on the right foot.
Content Doodle Doo Notifications:
  • Rise and shine with our Content Doodle Doo wake-up calls. These notifications will keep you crowing with motivation and on track throughout the challenge.
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meet the folks behind the challenge
Deirdre Tshien
CEO & Co-founder of Capsho
Co-founder and CEO of Capsho, Deirdre is a dynamic leader passionate about helping entrepreneurs rise above their challenges. With a focus on innovation and community, she has successfully guided Capsho to become a leading tool in content marketing.
Katie Fawkes
Director of Marketing, Ecamm
Dynamic marketing leader and strategist with over 15 years of proven experience in building and growing brand awareness. Katie excels in driving traffic and growing customer recognition through social media, content marketing, PR, and SEO.
Jennie Wright
Jennie Wright, the Director of Affiliates & Partnerships at Capsho, is a seasoned marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. She has a proven track record in building and enhancing brand visibility. Jennie specializes in driving traffic and increasing customer engagement through innovative social media strategies, content marketing, PR, and SEO.
Doc Rock
Doc Rock is on a mission to positively touch a billion people’s lives by collaborating and sharing stories and ideas. As the Community Manager at Ecamm, he works with content creators, live streamers, podcasters, and video producers to help them find their voice and share their passion through video.
Mark your calendar for the July 15th start date and get ready to hatch into this egg-citing content creation journey.

 Together, we’ll build a content creation habit, show up with more intention and grow our audience.
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Got questions? Check out the FAQ
What is Ecamm?
Ecamm Live is a macOS app designed to give you tremendous control over live streaming and recording videos. With capabilities for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Amazon Live, LinkedIn Live, and more, Ecamm Live provides features like multi-destination streaming, live video interviews, screen sharing, green screen, and many others to enhance your live streaming experience.
What is Capsho?
Capsho is an AI-powered copywriting software designed specifically for podcasters, vloggers, and livestreamers. Capsho combines AI with human marketing intelligence to create unique, engaging content that helps you attract and convert clients.
Who is this challenge best for?
Entrepreneurs, podcasters, vloggers, livestreamers, and anyone looking to improve their content creation skills and grow their online presence.
When is the challenge?
The 21-Day Content Habit Challenge runs from July 15th to August 4th.
What if I don’t have Ecamm Live or Capsho?
No worries! If you don't have either software, you'll get a 30-day free trial for both Ecamm Live and Capsho NextGen to use during the challenge. We’ll also provide walkthroughs of each platform so everyone starts off on the right foot on the same day.
What if I already have Ecamm Live or Capsho?
Current users of each platform will continue using their existing accounts without a free trial or discount. You'll still get access to all the challenge resources and community support to enhance your content creation journey.
How do I register?
Simply click the sign-up button below, fill out the registration form, and secure your spot in the challenge
What do I need to participate?
You'll need a Mac computer, Ecamm Live software (there's a trial if you don't have it yet), Capsho software (yep, you guessed it, you'll get a trial for that too), and a willingness to commit to daily content creation for 21 days. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you every step of the way!
What can I expect?
Every Monday at 11am ET during the challenge, join Jennie Wright and Doc Rock for inspiring kick-off sessions packed with support, direction, and special guests. With their guidance, you’ll receive the motivation and insights needed to excel in your content creation journey.

When you register for the 21-Day Content Habit Challenge, you will be added to the mailing lists of both Ecamm and Capsho. This allows us to send you important updates, resources, and support throughout the challenge. You can unsubscribe from either or both mailing lists at any time. Each email you receive will include an unsubscribe link at the bottom for your convenience.
Why are Ecamm and Capsho partnering for this challenge?
Ecamm and Capsho have teamed up to provide a comprehensive content creation experience that leverages the strengths of both platforms. Ecamm offers unparalleled control over live streaming and video recording, while Capsho provides powerful AI-driven copywriting and content optimization tools. 

Together, they make content creation easier, more efficient, and more impactful, helping you build a consistent habit and achieve your goals. This partnership ensures that you have all the tools and support you need to create amazing content and grow your audience.
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